Native American Mascots in sports


Native American Mascots have been stirring up controversy in American Sports for a while now is it time to stop all of this? Native American Mascots have been a key icon to some of the sports teams throughout the country. The team who I think represents the Native American the best would be the Florida State Seminoles. Before every home football game they have a tradition with a Native American on a horse. The team lines up with their helmets off while their mascot does the tradition.

 Lots of people are on both sides of the story. I personally think people can take pride in their school or teams mascot. But I think we should leave the teams who represent them respectively and let them be. The Native American mascot has been there for their team for the longest time. If anything I think we should just change some of the mascots outfit or make them look more presentable. Perhaps the Cleveland Indians make the Natives look like a joke.


Burning house

I would grab

1. My Kevin Durant basketball shoes

2. My Cell Phone.

3. My Dr.Dre Beats.

4. My 2 Chains.

5. My Watch.

6. Bro tanks and Camo cargos.

7. My All-State awards.

8. My Baseball Glove.

9. My baseball Bats.

10. My USSSA world series Championship trophy.

I’m out poof!! word to abracadabra




How to Hit a Baseball 

The game is tied you are ahead in the count 3-1 runner at 3rd 2 outs. you know a fast ball is coming right down the middle. Within the next 5 minutes that wont be a problem.  

Step 1: Believe you know you can hit anything thrown near you. 

The first thing you have to know is you have to believe in yourself. if you don’t believe in yourself you aren’t going to be the best hitter that you can. 

Step 2: Go to the batters box and get in a comfortable stance. 

The next thing you want to is make sure you are in a comfortable stance so you are comfortable while hitting the best pitch. “Relax And focus,” Junior Jaylin James Said. 

Step 3: Keep your eye on the ball  

“Don’t close your eyes,” Senior Colby Carmichael Said. Keeping you eye on the ball is on of the most important thing you have to do while hitting. You can only hit what you see.  

Step 4: Hit the ball where it is pitched 

If you are going to hit the ball where its pitched you want to hit the outside pitches opposite field. If the ball is pitched inside you want to pull it for the best results! 

Step 5: Follow through  

After you put the ball in play follow through and don’t fall over and start running.  

If you follow these steps no pitch or situation will be a problem and you will be very successful hitting the ball. 

ten things I don’t hope to do before I die

1. Touch a squirrel

2. Buy a Camaro

3. Do drugs

4. Crash my Mustang

5. Tear my ACL

6. Bungee jump

7. Go Broke

8. Drop out of School

9. lose my Kevin Durant Basketball shoes

10. Go in a pool full of frogs

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